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  • Paid [XTR] Today in History
    5.00 Oylama
    Bu eklenti talebini oluşturan kişi olarak, eklentiyi satın aldıktan sonra, benim kafamdaki...
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Paid [XTR] Thread Rating System

The Thread Rating System is an add-on that allows you to rate the threads within your forum.
0.00 Oylama
Ücret: 15.00 $

Paid Ryzer Pro

Ryzer Pro – Premium XenForo theme with perfect responsive design and a lot of customization options available without any coding knowledge.
5.00 Oylama
Ücret: 50.00 $

Paid Exclusive Black

Exclusive Black is a professional, flexible, fully-responsive game forum theme for XenForo 2.1.x
0.00 Oylama
Ücret: 35.00 $

Paid Exclusive Dark

Exclusive Dark is a professional, flexible, fully-responsive forum theme for XenForo 2.1.x with a perfect that is compatible with the most popular XenForo extensions.
5.00 Oylama
Ücret: 35.00 $
[XTR] Today in History

Paid [XTR] Today in History

Today in History add-on allows you to enter historical events and display them via the included widget and History Page.
5.00 Oylama
Ücret: 40.00 $
[XTR] Prevent of Take it Back Reactions or Change Reactions Type

Paid [XTR] Prevent of Take it Back Reactions or Change Reactions Type

Prevent of take it back reactions or change reactions type.
0.00 Oylama
Ücret: 25.00 $
[XTR] Enforce Post Rules

Paid [XTR] Enforce Post Rules

This add-on allows you to apply rules of creating a new thread within specific nodes on your forum.
5.00 Oylama
Ücret: 20.00 $
[XTR] Golden Threads

Paid [XTR] Golden Threads

This addon allows you to display a widget to top golden threads of the month.
0.00 Oylama
50.00 $
[XTR] Question Nodes Prefix Manager

Paid [XTR] Question Nodes Prefix Manager

This add-on allows you to adding a prefix when a post is marked solution.
5.00 Oylama
5.00 $
[XTR] Media Gallery Limit Manager

Paid [XTR] Media Gallery Limit Manager

This add-on allows you to limit the creation of media or album by user group.
0.00 Oylama
30.00 $
[XTR] Gender Manager ♂/♀

Paid [XTR] Gender Manager ♂/♀

Integrate the gender management to your community and control the nodes by gender.
0.00 Oylama
Ücret: 25.00 $
[XTR] Testimonial Showcase

Paid [XTR] Testimonial Showcase

Testimonials allows you to show the recommendations from satisfied buyers that affirm the value of a product or service.
0.00 Oylama
Ücret: 35.00 $